When I got laid off for the third time in three years I thought the Guinness Book of World Records was soon coming to take my picture. After that didn’t happen, I told myself (more like promised, swore, and crossed my heart) I would not work for anyone else again. I promised myself to fulfill my passion as a writer. This is what I knew I wanted to do. I was going to make my own rules, set my own schedule, and do everything on my terms.

I quickly started answering ads in Craiglist (excluding the porn ones although tempting) and found a freelance position for a copywriting company (content mill). I soon found myself trapped by my comfort. I was getting work. Dull work – who wants to write about a gastroenterologist (I must have missed a couple episodes on Grey’s Anatomy about Dr. McGassy)? I convinced myself I loved it because I was earning a paycheck. I then realized they were paying me 0.01¢ a word! 

And here I am again – starting over but I am getting there.