Every year I make the commitment to really improve on my 3P’s – physical, personal, professional.

It has been 37 days into the new year and I proudly can say I am keeping my end of the bargain by two-thirds.

Physical – I make it a daily goal to do 10 minutes of exercise. I challenge myself by going to the gym three times a week. Once I am there I either stay for the minimum commute time it takes me to get there and back (usually ten minutes each way) or I take a class. Either way, goal and mission accomplished!

Personal – Still working on this one. Maybe I need to write a list, check it twice, and put it into effect.  Hmm, I should commit to writing on this blog DAILY! I am going to start by writing on this blog everyday for the rest of February 2014.  After all, it is a short month!

Professional – Check out these sites: www.nakedbarsoaps.com and thenakedbar.storenvy.com!

All I know is I am getting there!