I am choosy and I will not settle. I don’t know if the path I chosen chose me or I stumbled accidentally upon it. What I do know is this path feels right and it feels certain. I feel I have found my footing and it feels sure and I feel confident. My fears may scare me but I am not afraid because I am on my way.

And right now I am on my way to the accountant for a big tax refund!

I am getting there.

P.S. KeePSeeking

Believers, who intimately connect, spiritually can rise above adversity, endure complexity, maintain simplicity, develop tenacity, overcome anxiety, depend on Divinity, and live happily. Circumstance may question faith, temporarily. Conditions may disrupt rest, briefly. Thieves in search of joy and peace may surround, closely. Uncertainty may question, continually. But for those deeply rooted, unashamedly convicted and firmly grounded; nothing outward can compare to this Strength found inward.

It is stronger than your situation, tougher than the worst of times, more powerful than difficult people, higher than your negative influences, deeper than your inner most longings, and more hopeful than the rose-colored view of the optimistic. It anchors the distressed, affirms the humble, strengthens the weak, comforts the lonely, enables the willing, lifts the hopeless, sustains the faithful and directs the seeker.

It will clarify your perspective, rearrange your priorities, carry your burdens, untangle your chaos, increase your gratitude and awaken your…

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