Yay!  I love spring! Where I live spring lasts a total of 3 days so one must enjoy every minute of it.  As we are nearing the first quarter of 2014, it is a good time for me to revisit my 3 Ps (personal, physical, professional).  On the personal; hmm, we’ll get back to that one a little bit later in the show. Professional – I am thriving. I just have to keep on keeping on. And now onto the physical – ugh!

I am pretty healthy and have a decent exercise routine but I can always do better.  This year is about challenging myself to be the best I can be.  I want to be fit and healthy and not be consumed by the number on my scale.  I want to know that I ate right, did my exercise, and felt good. With that being said, I am going to challenge myself for the next 90 days (or until the first day of summer)  to up my game in the physical department so here is my plan:


Run – a minimum of two times a week.

Yoga – twice a week (this is 90 percent of the challenge).

YMCA – three times a week for a minimum of 20 minutes each visit (by the way this goal is being reinstated AGAIN).

Ten minutes of exercise daily – this does not have to be strenuous. It could be as simple as taking a vigorous ten minute walk.

Sounds doable but sometimes are always better said than done. I should link this challenge to my personal challenge of blogging more consistently. I challenge myself to post for the next 90 days!

Oh, I am getting there.