Today I had a breakthrough!! As in I did not break any of the commandments I have told myself to follow through in doing my fitness challenge.  On the other hand, I use the word “challenge” loosely as in how I conquer my day.

Did I exercise? (sheepishly) yeah. One pedometer said I took 9000 steps; the other said, “Chick! You only took 4300 steps.” This is definitely one of those times when less is not more.

Did I have any meat? No. I stuck to my guns.

Did I eat clean? Sort of? Kind of? Maybe? I had eggs for breakfast, California Pizza Kitchen Wild Mushroom Pizza for lunch, and literally a quarter slice of Costco pizza. Oh, and a chocolate raspberry cupcake (but it was dark chocolate and a really fresh raspberry on top – I believe it was organic).

So I am slowly getting there. There are 4 days left in this week and all I have to do is make it to the YMCA twice, run twice, practice yoga once, and stick to a cleaner eating palette. Piece of kale – I can do it!