Day 1 and not an April’s Fool

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YAY!!! I rocked it! I totally kicked ass (even though it was my own) on the first day of my challenge. I ran 3 miles at 11 minutes a mile. This is great because I usually run a 10-minute mile (on a good day, 9:50 a mile; on a great day – which means I am probably, totally drugged up, 9:30 a mile). I know that for me the hardest step and day of any challenge is starting. If I could just start I know I can get into a rhythm. All I need is to take that first step which means putting on my workout clothes, getting out of my house, stepping into the gym, finding the path to run, and then doing putting one foot in front of the other and going for it. That is a long ass first step. That first step is more like five steps – no wonder it takes me forever to start; by the time I start I am on step 6. I am exhausted.

I am getting there!



Fourth day in the challenge (I think?)

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Today I totally rocked it during my challenge.  I accomplished all most some things.

Did I exercise? Hell, yeah! My ass walked 4.2 miles. But you are supposed to be running twice a week? Don’t judge me, all right! I am phucking moving.  I’ll get to the running when my legs actually start to run but for now (and it is the first week) I am taking it one walk at a time.

Did I eat well? Of course! For breakfast I had 2 slices of oat bread with half a tbsp of organic peanut butter and lightly spread of organic raspberry jam. Lunch was a veggie burger with a small order of fries. I had an unsalted pretzel with mustard for a snack and dinner was salmon sushi.  I said I was giving up meat for 90 days.  Fish is not meat. I was so proud of my dinner I went ahead and order a healthy dessert (could this be any more of an oxymoron?).  It was fruit sushi. The description was to die for. Sliced up fruits (mango, apples, grapes, strawberries) rolled in rice paper with sweet cream cheese and topped with coconut and fresh strawberries. I couldn’t wait to try it. And then I did.  I want to say the description and the way the waiter emphasized on how great it is was total bullshit because that dessert tasted like ass rolled up in rice paper with a side of shit sprinkled across the roll.  I gagged so phucking much I almost lost my damn salmon sushi.  When the waiter asked how it was I couldn’t even fake the funk and told him straight up he just served me a dessert of fruit sushi shit but on the other hand dinner was great.

I have three more days this week to run twice, yoga once, and some other point I am supposed to come across but can’t seem to remember.

Gagging but I am getting there.

Day 3 of 90

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Today I had a breakthrough!! As in I did not break any of the commandments I have told myself to follow through in doing my fitness challenge.  On the other hand, I use the word “challenge” loosely as in how I conquer my day.

Did I exercise? (sheepishly) yeah. One pedometer said I took 9000 steps; the other said, “Chick! You only took 4300 steps.” This is definitely one of those times when less is not more.

Did I have any meat? No. I stuck to my guns.

Did I eat clean? Sort of? Kind of? Maybe? I had eggs for breakfast, California Pizza Kitchen Wild Mushroom Pizza for lunch, and literally a quarter slice of Costco pizza. Oh, and a chocolate raspberry cupcake (but it was dark chocolate and a really fresh raspberry on top – I believe it was organic).

So I am slowly getting there. There are 4 days left in this week and all I have to do is make it to the YMCA twice, run twice, practice yoga once, and stick to a cleaner eating palette. Piece of kale – I can do it!


Abs are made in the kitchen

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Day 1 of 90

They say abs are made in the kitchen and my kitchen made pizza. On the physical side, I walked 2 miles (should have ran) and did 2 hours of yardwork. Raking, weeding, and pulling definitely gave me a full body workout.

I have decided to add “no meat” to my 90 day challenge. And because the universe likes to have a good laugh at my expense, of course I get invited to a comedy show but not before having dinner at an all-you-can-eat Brazilian buffet.

89 more days to go and I hope to get there.

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